Roofing Prices – Are You Paying Excessively for an Asphalt Shingle Roof?

roofer installing new roof shinglesAre you being swindled – Do you understand what a brand-new asphalt roof covering should cost?

There is an old online poker adage, when your playing cards, if you check out the table and can not spot the sucker, your the sucker. After reading this write-up you will understand sufficient to hire a professional roofer, the amount of your new roof must amount to, and the best ways to NOT be made use of.

The price of roofing a home is based upon products and labor.

Products: Roof covering products are the only part of an estimation you can review apples to apples, if your household professionals are making use of the very same products. I very advise making use of a GAF Roofing device if you live in New England on the North East.

GAF/ELK 30 Hd Architectural Tiles
GAF/ELK 30 year TimberTec Hip and Spine Caps
GAF/ELK Cobra Spine Vent
GAF/ELK Deck Shield Underlayment
GAF/ELK Pro Beginner Strips

If you wish their products guarantee/warranty, roofing item suppliers need you to use additional than just their tiles. With GAF they require you to make use of 3 elements.

Aside from the above materials you need to demand Poise Ice and Water Shield. This product is set up in all valleys and all along the lesser roofing systems surrounds to shield versus ice dams and leaks.

Various other roof materials required are: Drip edge, vent pipe flanges, tip flashing, skylight flashing kits, and lead for the chimney.

The above roof products cost in between $140.00 to $165.00 each ONE HUNDRED square feet (10′ X 10′).

Labor: Roof materials are heavy, dirty, labor demanding, and usually risky job, and all roofers are not made equal. This is where roof covering costs truly fluctuate.

Roof labor costs are based upon these factors:.

Pitch of Your Roofing; Steep roof coverings set you back more and roof coverings that are effortlessly walkable price the least.
Height of Your House; Single story homes cost the least, 3 story roof coverings set you back one of the most.
House Style; Residence with numerous dormers and valleys are the most effort demanding and set you back one of the most.
Layers of Tiles; Having to strip more than one layer of shingles raises the Roofing prices.
Encounter; If you pay banana’s you obtain monkeys, and you do not desire monkeys!
Dimension; Small roofs cost even more than larger roofing systems. If you have to pay your roofers for a whole day, and the roof covering is finished in half a day, you will still be billed by the day in many situations.
Soffit Vent; Soffit vents do not need to be changed, yet if your residence does not have them, it will certainly cost even more to bring your residence up to code. Remember no roofing maker will guarantee a roofing system with inadequate ventilation.
Decking; If you require roofing boards changed this will raise the roof covering costs also. ($2-$3 bucks per square foot).

Average labor roof covering costs you could anticipate to pay is $270.00 each ONE HUNDRED square feet.

There is a difference in between expense and price; Rate is an single point and expense is a 30 year point. The rate of one installation price quote maybe greater compared to another, yet if you have to repair the reduced estimate and it just lasts 25 years, or worse 5 years, the expense of exactly what looked like the most affordable estimation is incredibly superior.

For more information about the costs associated with replacing your aging and worn roof after the rain and wind, please consult Vancouver roofing contractors at

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