Finding a Great Lawyer For Your Hit & Run Claim

emergency services on site of an accidentYou have been involved in a hit and run accident in British Columbia. You need legal representation right away. What should you do? Let us start by saying what you should NOT do: you should not hire the first personal injury lawyer that you come across. There are many hit and run lawyers in BC but not all of them are as good as they claim they are. There are several things that you should be looking for in an automobile accidents lawyer.

•    The first thing of course, is experience. You want a personal injury lawyer who has specific experience working with hit and runs. There are many personal injury attorneys, for instance, who deal with slip and fall cases. They have more experience in cases of that kind but not hit and run accidents. They will definitely tell you that they can represent you but they will not do as good a job as lawyers whose main specialty is hit and run accidents.

•    If you are injured you should carefully consider whether you need a lawyer to act in your behalf as the plaintiff. In most cases, lawyers who act for the defense only work on defense cases and those who act for the plaintiff work only those kinds of cases. Getting them mixed up can cost you your case.

•    Look online to see whether the lawyer has published any articles or informational pieces on their area of specialty. Good lawyers will take the time to write articles so that they can educate the public and also publicize themselves.

•    It is always better when a hit and run attorney is a member of one or more associations. It shows that they practice according to industry standards. It also shows that they are up to date on the latest in hit and run law. In addition to that, if you feel that they did not give you adequate representation you can always report them to the associations.

•    Before you hire a lawyer you should make sure that he has the right contacts in the right places. In hit and run cases, lawyers need to collect a lot of information from the police for their cases. If a lawyer doesn’t have the right contacts this is a process that could take them forever. They also have to know the right people at the insurance company if they are to get your claim settled fast and for the right amount.

•    You should choose a lawyer who you are able to communicate with. The information that you give him is what will help him win your case for you. If you hold back you could risk losing the case.

•    Understand and agree to the terms of payment before you sign any contract. Ordinarily, hit and run lawyers are paid only if they win the case. They take between 20% and 30% of the total awarded. Make sure that you know what you will pay them in advance.

•    Check out your local paper to find out if there has been any publicity about the lawyer. What are others saying about him? You should also look for reviews – there are all kinds of websites where people leave reviews nowadays.

•    If you can get references from your lawyer you will hire them with more confidence. Ask them to provide you with 2 or 3 names of the last hit and runs that they represented. Call them and ask them if they were happy with services provided and whether they would hire them again.

We’ve found some great information on Hit & Run cases and advise from a former police officer here:

These tips should help you find the best hit and run lawyer for your case who will be able to settle your claim for the maximum amount of compensation possible.  If you live in British Columbia, contact Jamie Butler of Butler & Company – experienced auto accident attorneys – at  They are based in Vancouver, but serve clients all around the province in cities like Richmond, Kelowna, Prince George, and Nanaimo – to name just a few.