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Popular Tips On Maintaining Your Garage Door

keeping your garage door in great shapeThe garage is an essential part of any home. It is where cars are kept and where things that do not fit in the house can be stored. As a result, the garage is kept secure using a door. Garage doors come in different designs according to the door model. However, like all hardware, they need to be maintained so as to function efficiently. Doing regular maintenance of the garage door will let you know the parts that need to be replaced and also prolong the time frame between needing to have any repairs done on your garage door, the hardware associated with it or even the automatic garage door opener. The following are easy ways you can maintain the garage door.

·         Clean the garage door to remove any dust, cobwebs and other foreign particles. If the garage door is wooden, the wood can be repainted or stained depending on the quality of the finish on the door. Wooden doors will also need special care according to the climate in the region that is a determining factor in the kind of finish the wood should receive.  These type of garage door repairs can be costly if the wood is not maintained as it can warp and split with moisture or weather changes.

·         Examine the moving parts of the door such as rollers and springs. Remove any old grease and dirt. Lubricate the rollers with the necessary lubricant and ensure you spray in and around the stems of the rollers. Do not lubricate nylon rollers. Inspect the condition of the springs and if worn out, replace them. Also, ensure the springs are tightly connected. Ensure the springs are lubricated.

·          Look at the nuts and bolts that hold the roller hinges of the garage door together as well as mount brackets in place. If some of them are worn out, they should be replaced. Also, loose parts should be tightened.

·         Clean the inside of the tracks to remove any grease and dirt that is stuck. Do not lubricate the tracks after cleaning them. Use brake cleaner and wipe with a clean cloth to remove any trace of the cleaner as well as the dirt.

·         Test the door balance and adjust if not properly balanced. Check the alignment of horizontal and vertical tracks and change them if necessary. However, if the garage door has torsion springs, it is advisable to call an expert to correct it and replace any worn out parts.

·         Check the cables if they are wearing out. If the door has a chain system drive, ensure the chain is properly lubricated. Also, check the door and make sure all the screws are in place and all connections are lubricated.

·         Ensure the garage door opener functions properly. Failure will result in a malfunction that will cause the system to shut down. Ensure the sensors on the door work properly and inspect them regularly.

For additional tips on how garage doors and openers work, as well as some DIY maintenance tips, please watch this video:


More tips:

·         Contact your service technician in case there are unfamiliar sounds such as grinding or scraping. Also in case you are not sure of how to do the maintenance checks on the garage door.

By following a maintenance schedule, the garage door will work more efficiently. The risk of having a malfunction will also be significantly reduced. Incidents that involve garage doors falling on people, and even property will be avoided as any parts that have worn down will be replaced.

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Repairs for Gutters

When your gutter system lets you down, there’s one question you ask yourself: should you repair your old gutters or simply take them down and have new ones installed to your house? But this choice is never easy, and the answer may vary according to particular situations. Sometimes, it may be more efficient to replace your eavestrough and, at times, you should simply repair it in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Gut-R-Dun, the professional gutters company that helps you with your eavestrough in Kelowna and Vernon, comes to your aid by offering you the necessary information to make this choice.

If you have aluminum gutters that leak

damaged gutters webThe first thing you should do is call Expert Gutters Installation Kelowna to determine the source of the leak. It is possible that your gutters have a loose joint that only needs to be sealed. In this case you don’t need to replace your whole eavestrough system, just take care of the leak. With sectional gutters leaks around the joints are very common, so you don’t need to worry. Of course, if you want to avoid dealing with this kind of leak again, you can replace your gutter system with seamless gutters that eliminate most of the leakage risk by significantly reducing the number of joints.

If the problem doesn’t come from the joint, and your eavestrough has a hole, it can be patched using a special metal. However, if the hole is very big, you should consider replacing your gutter system to avoid constantly spending money on gutter repairs.

If you have steel gutters

As opposed from aluminum gutters, steel eavestrough can rust. If your gutter system has rust holes, you are better off replacing it. Once the steel has started to rust it is only a matter of time before the whole system breaks apart, and you don’t want to pay a small fortune on gutter repairs just to have them replaced two months later. Call a Kelowna gutter installation company and replace the whole system, preferably with aluminum eavestrough that will never rust.

If you have copper gutters

It is always better to try and repair them. Copper gutters are very expensive, and the distinctive look they give to your house adds to its market value. Get in touch with a Kelowna gutters company and have them take a look at your beautiful copper eavestrough. Unless the repair is massive, try to maintain your copper gutters as long as you can. After all, they have a 70-year lifespan, so you may not need to replace them at all.

If you are still in doubt about this choice, contact Gut-R-Dun for Gutter Cleaning and Repair Vernon. Our fair and transparent approach towards our clients makes us your best choice if you want the unbiased advice of professionals who take pride in a job well done.