4 Things To Look For In Palm Coast Custom Pool Builders


When you own a home in Palm Coast, FL, it ideally is a place where you can rest and relax from the hustle, bustle, and stresses of the world. Adding a swimming pool to your backyard is a tremendous step in this direction, as few other improvements to your home or land can provide you with endless hours of fun and fitness. It’s best to put the money and time in to have a pool that best suits you and your property, rather than just a cookie-cutter pool a million others have. Custom pool builders are who to call for a swimming pool perfect for you, and there are 4 things to look for in them as you search for yours.

1) Do they care why you are building a pool? Some homeowners build pools in order to have a place to float and relax by themselves or with a loved one. Others do it for a fitness activity. Still others do not even intend to swim all the much and just want a backyard party spot to gather friends and family for social occasions. Many homeowners wind up building for any combination of these reasons. Make sure that you know what your own motivations and expectations are, as well as being certain to communicate them to your custom pool builders. Their suggestions and work should reflect your wishes.

2) Do they have examples of their previous work? Any pool builder with experience and a track record of satisfied customers is going to have a portfolio of images, photos, and videos of before and after snapshots of previous lots they’ve worked on. It’s unlikely you’ll ever get to tour the backyards they’ve worked on, so don’t expect to see their work first-hand, but anyone doing good work is going to willing, able, and even eager to show off their previous efforts and projects.

3) Do they know local building codes? In Palm Coast and neighboring Florida cities, there can be stringent rules and regulations regarding what you can and cannot put in your backyard. Even when allowed, there might be restrictions about how things are done. From state laws to county and municipal codes, a swimming pool contractor already operating in an area should have some idea what the legal and regulatory boundaries are. Having said this, do not expect them to be overly familiar with any homeowner’s association bylaws that apply only to your neighborhood, nor any deeds or covenants that restrict your property. Those are up to you.

4) Do they have some idea how much a swimming pool can boost your property value? One thing that swings many homeowners towards the decision to building a pool is the knowledge that they can usually get their money back, and then some, when and if they sell the home. A reputable builder will have documentation of how much their work boosted home values in properties that were recently sold.

Now that you know 4 things to keep in mind when shopping for custom pool builders, you can find one that makes your backyard a place of fitness and serenity.